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What is the forbidden food for dogs?

What is the forbidden food for dogs? When reviewing the list of prohibited food for dogs, you may be surprised because you will find that you feed your dog harmful foods all the time?

Man differs in his food from animals, as God created for each of them a different composition and needs from the other, and dogs need special care and attention and specific foods provided to them to be able to obtain energy, activity, and health. The foods dogs need different from those that humans need to eat. For example, a person can consume milk without any health problems occurring for him. As for dogs, milk can cause significant health problems that may lead to death. Therefore, in this article, we mention a list of foods harmful to dogs. We won’t list all foods, of course, but we will mention here the most dangerous foods for dogs. If you eat any prohibited food for dogs, treat it quickly at home and contact the veterinarian. List of harmful foods for dogs :

Chocolate of all kinds is harmful to dogs

Chocolate negatively affects dogs because it contains many calories that are harmful to dogs and cause many diseases and symptoms dangerous for your dog’s health.

Chocolate is a prohibited food for dogs because it causes symptoms such as vomiting, pain, dehydration, and rapid heartbeat with an excessive increase in the dog’s temperature, so it is strictly forbidden to present chocolate to dogs, and it is completely prohibited to offer any sweets to them.

Milk and cheese of all kinds are harmful to dogs.

Milk contains enzymes that the dog’s stomach cannot digest at all, which causes diarrhea and constant vomiting. Milk also infects dogs with hazardous bacteria, and the same applies to cheese that the dog cannot digest of all kinds. Therefore, stop offering milk to dogs, especially if you notice diarrhea or stomach and digestive problems. The alternative to human milk is milk for dogs, which is lactose-free, similar to human infant formula.

Never feed your dog onions.

Onions are harmful foods for dogs, as onions cause damage to red blood cells in the blood of dogs. It also causes a general weakening of their bodies with their inability to move significantly. Therefore, it is forbidden to offer onions to dogs so that a blood transfusion is not required for the dog that suffers from damage to its red blood cells. Onions are included in all home-cooked foods and fast food foods such as shawarma and others.

You will always notice that your dog has vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy, and perhaps more than that when eating any meals containing onions.

Nuts and their harm to dogs’ health

Nuts are one of the most dangerous foods for a dog, as they cause him to be unable to move with depression and enter a bad psychological state, as well as a significant drop in the dog’s temperature. If you accidentally fed a dog, go to the nearest veterinary clinic immediately for treatment.

Garlic and its effects on dogs

Garlic is a very beneficial vegetable for humans. But is garlic harmful to dogs? The answer is yes .. Garlic is considered poison for dogs because it destroys red blood cells, as well as changes the color of urine, making it orange.

Grapes of all kinds

Grapes are wholly prohibited food for dogs because of their disastrous effects on the health of your dog. Grapes affect the kidneys and cause the dog to have kidney failure and many symptoms that indicate the disease, such as vomiting and diarrhea, with the dog losing its appetite and its ability to eat normally. Usually, the dog dies within a few days if grapes are consumed in large quantities.


What is the forbidden food for dogs? Avocados are no less dangerous than the rest of the foods that we have mentioned for dogs, as it causes shortness of breath with many disturbances for the dog, as well as the accumulation of water in the dog’s chest, which leads to its death quickly.


Apples are also among the foods that are not recommended for dogs, as apples can make dogs comatose and cause them shortness of breath. So apples are harmful foods for dogs, but despite that, some people feed them to dogs from time to time, but we do not recommend that unless under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Here, we have offered you foods that cause severe harm to dogs, as they infect them with severe diseases and lead to their death in a short time. Therefore, we must pay attention to the food that we offer to dogs and consult the veterinarian about the foods that we can present to the dog without fear or concern for his health. We must also realize the beneficial foods for dogs that contain the vitamins and elements necessary for them to provide them to maintain their health. With the need to visit the veterinarian’s office from time to time to check on the dog’s health and speed of treatment and discover the diseases that may be infected with it. Read more


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