Causes and damages of domestic violence

Causes and damages of domestic violence

The concept of violence

What are the causes and effects of domestic violence? Violence is defined as applying physical force to a specific target and causing harm to it, and this harm may be physical, psychological, or both. Violence is a hostile act by its nature and a relatively common behavior among humans where it occurs all over the world, and the violent person may be in any Age stage even though the two categories of adult adolescents and youth are the most likely to engage in the phenomenon of violence, and violence is distinguished. It is aggressive behavior in that it is more general and has several adverse effects on those exposed to it, especially children.

It is all behaviors or behavior that leads to harm or aims at it. It may result in violence against others with physical, psychological, verbal injury, mockery, or imposing an opinion.

Causes and effects of violence

Violence as behavior or phenomenon is not limited to a specific time, place, race, or religion. Instead, its causes and motives are varied and multiple, appearing and developing in different civilizations and times. The emergence of violence was a precedent since the first emergence of human life on the face of the earth, and one of its first manifestations was bloodshed and the killing of the soul. The witness had a precedent killing his brother Abel out of envy and distress of the eye. At the individual or societal level, history has many indications exposing the domination of classes within one society or the aggression of one community against another, and each case has its causes. The causes of violence can be summarized as follows:

Self-perpetuating factors of violence

These factors arise from the individual’s personality. As they are reflections of the interactions of the human being and its components, Among these factors:

•An accumulated feeling of frustration and a low level of self-confidence.

•The inability of the individual to face, solve, and get rid of his problems.

•Age reactions and reflections on puberty and adolescence.

•Freedom from power and the desire for independence and responsibility.

•Poor communication skills, building social relationships, emotional and psychologic

•Inferiority complex and a feeling of emotional deprivation and failure.

•Distance from God Almighty, and weak religious conviction.

•Drug Addiction.

•Selfishness, arrogance, and the inability to control aggressive impulses.

Family, school, and community factors

what are the causes and effects of domestic violence? These three institutions represent the circles of the individual and the stages of his upbringing; The formation of his personality begins in the family environment, which is responsible for his physical, mental, emotional, moral, psychological, and social construction, so that the family becomes the foundation stone and the first and most important source of the stream, and then moves to refine his structure and personality during the school stage that supports his social and psychological system, to start In society, it magnifies and expands first and foremost, to form its spatial connections related to housing and neighborhood, and its behavioral and social pillars represented by the community of comrades and the formation of friends, and these circles cause the formation of violent behavior for the individual for many reasons, including:

The disintegration of the family and the weakening of its ties, the weak follow-up of the family’s behavior of individuals, and the deterioration of the family’s economic situation. The absence of the role of mentor and advisor and the part is limited to constant blame. Lack of good role models, lack of confidence in educators and teachers. The nature of the school community and the weakness of its financial capabilities and equipment. The composition of the neighborhood surrounding the residential area; As neighborhoods is usually characterized by the emergence of stratification, crowding, randomness, and others. Dropout from school, failure to keep pace with classmates, and disagreements between them.


The role of the media in the development and spread of the phenomenon of violence is evident as a result of the repeated appearance of scenes of violence of all kinds and their promotion through television programs and cinematic works as a form of excitement and entertainment So that the reflections of these scenes appear on the personalities and behavior of adolescents. As their thoughts absorb such scenes, and they become a reality in their practical lives. Among the causes of the media are:

Media exaggeration in portraying violence as sexy and acceptable behavior and promoting criminals as super individuals who carry out heroic operations. The recurrence of violence in drama and media programs takes away the character of danger and harm. In the long term, it becomes an acceptable way for individuals to face situations and conflicts and imitate behavior and the spread of crime.

Unemployment and poverty

The impact of poverty and unemployment on the spread of violence as a culture is evident in the adverse effects these conditions have on its members. Unemployment and poverty lead to the emergence of chronic mental illnesses; depression, despair, and isolation resulting from the interaction of these conditions and aggressive states within individuals.

Effects of violence

What are the causes and effects of domestic violence? the World Health Organization, in its investigation of injuries and violence for the year 2008 AD, indicates that the number of deaths resulting from violence in the world is about five million people annually, at a rate of approximately nine percent among the total deaths each year. This high percentage of AIDS is equivalent to the actual death rate due to diseases. Malaria and tuberculosis. Some of the consequences of violence can be referred to as follows:

Violence contributes significantly to the emergence of mental illnesses and disorders, aggressive behaviors, and criminality.

Causes and damages of domestic violence Legitimate due to their exposure to it. The threat to family security, diminishing stability, lack of family responsibility, and the dissolution of its ties. It is threatening societal security and destabilizing its entity due to the outbreak of violence as a phenomenon and its saturation in most components.

To get rid of the phenomenon of violence.

Knowing the causes and motives on which violence is based on its pillars makes its treatment based on its demolition, dismantling, and overcoming it before it occurs. To get rid of the phenomenon of violence, the following steps can be taken :

Influencing individuals’ culture and cultural structure, spreading love, compassion, affection, and rationality, and rejecting extremism, and relying on the force in solving problems and dialogue. Correcting the course of the media and its programs presented to the recipients, condemning violence in all its forms, types, and images, and educating young people about the importance of invoking norms and laws without personal effort to obtain rights by way of force. Helping young people to get jobs that fill their free time and ensure their future, and help them get married and build families.

physical violence

Physical violence is one of the methods produced by a violent person in the long term, and it can take several forms, including the following:

•Slapping, hitting, punching, and kicking.

•Hair pulling.

•Arm twisting. Restrict someone

•Throwing things at the person.

Psychological or emotional violence

Psychological violence takes a large number of forms, including the following:

•Humiliate or insult someone, whether in secret or public.

•Attacking someone’s traits or personality.

•Threatening to post private photos or details and share them with other people.

•Stalking and harassment.

•Underestimating a person’s value, or achievements, or challenging his successes, and saying some phrases, such as You got this work thanks to me, or you are nothing without me, and others.

Domestic Violence

What are the causes and effects of domestic violence? Most people think that domestic violence is limited to physical abuse that results in visible injuries, but this is considered one type of domestic violence, as the long-term destruction of personality by adopting violent behaviors towards the individual cannot be underestimated. Is it a form of family violence? The other includes: controlling and controlling a person’s behavior, distinguishing males from females, verbal abuse using blame, threat, coercion, social isolation of the individual, and control of the individual through manipulation of economic resources. 

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