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The rarest breeds of cats

The rarest breeds of cats,
The rarest breeds of cats, Did you know that there are nearly a hundred officially recognized cat breeds, among which are very rare breeds,

The rarest breeds of cats, Did you know that there are nearly a hundred species of cats officially recognized?

Among them, there are some very popular, and others much less. For some, it is mainly because they are still very recent, while for others, it is primarily because their distribution outside their country of origin has remained very limited.

So here are Seven very rare cat breeds, which you are unlikely to cross daily. Maybe you’ve never even heard of it!

The Abyssinian is one of the most affectionate cats there is.

He will not hesitate to beg you to take him in your arms with imploring meows and tender hugs. The Abyssin is also an athletic cat, which has the energy to spare. Expect to see him do all kinds of acrobatics or to see him perched above the cabinets. Thus, this cat with a strong personality needs two things to be fulfilled: space and much, a lot of affection!

The Siamese cat is undoubtedly the best known of the house cats.

Its elegance and character apart make it a companion with many qualities. Provided that one knows how to respect his strong personality and desires sometimes close to the whim, the Siamese never disappoints his master, of whom he is very close, and devotes to his family an endless affection. Known for being very communicative with humans, he is sometimes a little too talkative: this is his only flaw! Discover everything you need to know about this sophisticated prince of cats, who is sure to surprise you with his intelligence, beauty, and quick temperament!

Havana Brown. Originally from Southeast Asia, the appearance of Havana,

also known as Havana brown or chestnut Havana, dates back to the early 20th century. Some people think that its name comes from its color that evokes a good Cuban cigar.

Originally, Havana was a fruit… chance: a small siamese all brown appeared, know why in some litters. They were already found to be so pretty that they were among the first Siamese cats imported into Europe, specifically England, where they were immediately adopted. Two of them even won first prizes in British feline exhibitions, the first in 1888 and the second in 1930.

The Ashera is considered the most extensive and most expensive cat globally.

The Ashera holds all the records. He is considered one of the most incredible cats globally, dethroning the Maine Coon, the Sacred of Burma, the Ragdoll, and others. That’s not all. It is also the most expensive cat in the world. A natural luxury pet!

The Ashera is considered the giant cat in the world. Features of the Ashera.He would be mistaken for a leopard. It must be said that her mottled dress does not facilitate the distinction. The Ashera is also noticeable by its large size since a specimen can be 1.50 m long for an estimated weight between 12 and 15 kg.

Pharaonic cats are rarefactions that do not have hair on their body,

and these cats are distinguished by large eyes in the form of lemon, which is among the cats that need attention from the side of their owner. Very few in the world,

Caracal With their elegant and streamlined body,

short reddish-golden coat, and dramatic markings on the face, the Caracal is among the most beautiful wild cats. Also called the desert lynx, the medium-sized lynx has no spots or stripes and has longer legs and a thinner body than the true lynx. Caracals are the heaviest, fastest kittens and are the largest of all kittens living in Africa. East Asia The first Caracal pair arrived from the San Diego Zoo in 1963. We have had many other animals since then, including 19 births.

The Persian cat is known for its docile and calm character,

The elegant appearance that it takes from its angora coat and its distinctive headwear makes it an excellent pet for all feline lovers. It will be necessary to offer him regular attention and care that he will not fail to give you by his affection and loyalty… as long as you meet your needs, including regular brushing and proper feeding. Today, Persian is one of the most popular breeds in Europe and the United States, where it is appreciated for its characteristic beauty and temperament.

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