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The most famous horse breeds

The most famous horse
The most famous horse breeds. the horse is one of the animals that have been domesticated and raised by man since muscular capabilities,

The most famous of the horse breeds. The horse is one of the animals that have been domesticated and bred by man since ancient times. That man has used it in various fields from agriculture to the military to tourism, in addition to decoration and luxuries as a noble animal with symbolism and aesthetics. There are dozens of horse species worldwide, and horses live in a variety of habitats that range from the tropics to forests to fields and plains. Since breeders love horses, they are popular on all continents and countries. We may find horses even in the desert, and these horses differ in their physical characteristics from other normal horses to adapt to dry climatic conditions.

All horses in the world belong to the kingdom of animals. The different horse breeds began to appear after a man began to domesticate horses and multiply them through industrial selection. The horse breeds, which now number more than 300, belong to the same type.

The most famous breed of horse is the American Quarter Horse.

This strain is considered to be the most famous strain in the United States now, especially in western America, and it is the best breed in terms of running in short distances, and that is why it was called “quarter” because the word “Quarter” in English means “a quarter” and is intended to precede other breeds in the quarter-mile races, and the derivation This name for this strain did not come from a blank, but rather it was named because of the horses of this breed show clear superiority in short distance races in general.

The Quartier breed is distinguished by its endurance of hard work and is characterized by its shape that its head is relatively small, its neck contains a lot of muscles, its legs are straight, solid, and strong, and its length is about five feet.

The breed contains a lot of colors such as chestnut, brown, black, gray, or pallumino, a horse whose body color is golden, while its tail and hair are white.

Standardbred dynasty

This strain was in the first period of American history, where it was used in trotting or running races in North and South America, and this strain is famous for its ability to run with horse carriages. It is distinguished by its relatively large head and strong legs.

The horses of this race are the fastest trotting horses in the world because they are adapted by nature to trotting or trotting to the point that they can trot at a speed of 30 km/hour, and no other breed can reach this speed through trotting (other species need to run to get that speed).

Mostly the horses of this breed are chestnut, brown or red, but there are other colors such as black or gray, and this breed is considered one of the finest horses because it is thin, gentle, and cooperative in training.

Appaloosa breed

This breed is known for its spotted skin color, and there are many patterns or shapes of this speck; for example, there is a leopard speckling (the body color is white, and circular black spots cover the whole body)

There is another distinctive pattern in which all the body is black except for the area that contains the back of the horse’s body, so it is white and has black spots (its shape feels as if the horse is wearing a blanket on the back of his body).

The Appaloosa, about five feet long, are sensitive and calm horses and are often used for equestrian and show jumping.

Research has shown that the Appaloosa breeds have relatively more night blindness and iritis than horses of other breeds.

Thoroughbred strain

Yule Thoroughbreds are more horses to be seen in races, and this breed originated in Britain in the eighteenth century as a result of the mating of English horses with Arabian horses, which resulted in a beautiful hybrid that combines the speed of Arabian horses and the strength of English horses.

When you look at these horses, they feel as if they are standing tall or upright, which is one of the most important things that distinguish them. They also look somewhat lean, and their legs look long and wonderful. They may reach five and a half feet in length and have a brown, chestnut, black, or gray color.

Thoroughbred’s permanent presence in sprints is not out of thin air, but because it is the fastest horse in the world, with a top speed of 40 miles per hour, and these horses are great at jumping, so they are also used in show jumping competitions.

Arabian horses

Arabian horses are one of the oldest and purest breeds globally and originated in the Arabian Peninsula region hundreds of years ago. They have been used over the centuries to improve the characteristics of other species (such as the Thoroughbred breed that we talked about above).

If we put an Arabian horse in the middle of a group of horses from other breeds, you will be able to quickly identify it from its shape as it has a very distinct head and a long and arched neck in addition to a slightly high tail, and the general condition of the horse makes it one of the most beautiful breeds in terms of beauty, agility, and attractiveness.

The length of the Arabian horse is approximately 155 cm. Often the Arabian horses are gray, black, brown, or chestnut.

The strange thing in Arabian horses is that they only have five lumbar vertebrae and not six, as is found in the horses of most other breeds.

Arabian horses are among the most used horses in horse racing due to their excellent speed. They are also used in show jumping, horse shows, and others .. as they have many advantages and are therefore used on multiple occasions.

Although Arabian horses appear to be gentle, they have lovely courage and enthusiasm and have an excellent ability to withstand bad conditions such as heat, thirst, and hunger, and the reason for this is that the Arabian horses initially originated in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, which is a harsh environment and does not exist in it a lot of water and food, which made horses naturally adapt to these conditions, and Arabian horses are also distinguished by intelligence in addition to the power of memory.

The diversity of characteristics of Arabian horses made their existence not limited to the Middle East only. Still, they are found in many countries such as the United States, Britain, Canada … and others.

Turkmenistani horse

It is also called (Akhal Tiki), one of the most delicate types of horses globally, and its breed descends from Turkmenistan, known for its speed, intelligence, and endurance. Its brilliant metallic color has earned it the nickname “The Golden Horse.”

It is one of the oldest horse breeds that still exist today, and according to some statistics, there are approximately 7,000 horses distributed in Russia, Turkmenistan, and European countries.

However, he is considered a wrong horse and does not have the necessary calm and flexibility, as much training and experience is required to handle and ride.

Dalmatian horse

One of the famous breeds of horses of English origin, which is characterized by its polka dots and large size. It was previously used by English Kings after being collected by King Edward I from across Europe.

It is distinguished by its strength and activity and at different heights ranging from 81 cm to 147 cm. It is mainly used for scenery, and few are used for riding or sport.

Morgan horse

It is one of the first breeds to be crossed in the United States of America, so it was influenced by other horse breeds in America. It was used in several things, including for training, racing, sports, riding, and mobility, in addition to its use during the American Civil War.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, many of the horses of this breed were exported to different countries, including European countries, especially England. And many organizations began to take care of the horses of this breed and improve them, and the number of horses belonging to this breed in 2005 reached more than 175 thousand horses.

Friesian horse

This breed has its origin in the Dutch Friesian region. These horses are characterized by their mostly dark black color, in addition to the long and thick tail and crest very clearly, and in general, the Friesian horse has long and dense hair, especially at the bottom of its feet.

The breed is characterized by strength and rigidity. It is used today in the arenas of shows and competitions, in addition to this type being used by horse enthusiasts for riding and enjoyment. And it is spread mainly in America and European countries.

Andalusian horse

It is also known as the pure Spanish horse breed, a mixture of Arab origins. It has many of the characteristics of Arabian horses in terms of beauty, agility, strength, and endurance.

It was used during the Arab rule of Andalusia by politicians as a means of transportation, in addition to its use in wars for its strength and ferocity, where it is considered the best for bullfighting. Then it was used by the Spaniards, and the nobles used it only.

The Haflinger

One of the most influential and elegant horse breeds, Italian and Austrian origin. They are mostly small in size and have a brownish chestnut color.

It was mainly used for mobility in mountainous areas where it’s physical solid and muscular structure helped in this. Its last uses were in agricultural work, hauling, and carrying weights. Today it is used in horseback riding, show jumping, in addition to horse riding therapy programs.

In addition to these strains, there are many other strains found in different world regions, some of which are well-known and widespread, and some of them unknown except on a small scale. Still, here we mentioned the most famous and best strains in terms of originality, quality, and features that each song has over the other.

Also, the horses of these breeds are the most expensive of all types of horses globally. Many hobbyists, athletes, breeders, and horse merchants race to own the best of these species.

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