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the 5 best daycare solutions for your cat

5 best day care solutions for your cat
5 best day care solutions for your cat If you are planning to go on vacation and cannot take your cat, you must find care for your cat

The 5 best daycare solutions for your cat.

You’re planning to go on vacation, but you can’t take your cat with you? Then you have to find a cat care solution! Because, contrary to what an urban legend claims, cats cannot support themselves for several days!

  1. The cat sitter
  2. Many sites offer to connect individuals and cat sitters. A cat sitter is on a mission to come and take care of your cat, who has been left alone at home.

He comes to see him at home, usually once or twice a day, to feed him, change his litter, make him play, bring him affection and check that everything is fine. Count about $ 15 to $ 20 a day for this service.

But a cat groomer can also come to live in your home while you are away. This allows your cat not to feel the weight of the unit. This solution, reassuring for both you and your cat, can also help prevent burglaries. In addition, you will have someone to water your plants…

  1. The host family
  2. If you don’t want to entrust the keys to your apartment to a stranger, but you don’t want to put your cat in a boarding house, why not opt for an in-between?

the 5 best daycare solutions for your cat

You have the option of placing your cat in a host family for a rate of 5 to 30 euros a day. The advantage of this solution is that it allows your pet to return to a family environment and benefit from a daily presence. However, beware, it is not uncommon for pet families to accommodate several residents at once. So your cat should be friendly!

  1. The exchange between individuals
  2. From now on, it is possible to have your cat kept by individuals to whom you will return the favour when they go on holiday. Indeed, they keep your cat for the time of your vacation, and then you do the same with their cat.

This childcare solution has the advantage of being free and familiarizing your hairball with the same person or persons (if the experience is renewed, of course). When you go on a trip, you know that he won’t have too much trouble adapting to his new environment since he already knows him.

  1. The “loan” of cats
  2. People who do not have a cat and want to benefit from the presence of a feline for a few days can also offer to welcome your pet. Some ask for a small fee, while others don’t.

In any case, it is, of course, obligatory to provide the person who will keep your cat with all the food and litter necessary for all the time your absence will last.

  1. The luxury hotel
  2. We deliberately choose not to present you in this classification the cat pensions because the stay of our feline friends in these structures is not always well lived. On the other hand, there are luxury hotels for cats. Yes, yes, you read that right!

These hotels offer a high-end and personalized service: individual rooms, all-you-can-eat caresses, webcams to follow live the holiday of its cat … However, as you can imagine, all this has a cost!

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