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Stay in shape with simple steps

Stay in shape with simple steps
Stay in shape with simple steps Do you suffer from obesity or fear of gaining weight? To you. The secret to maintaining weight and fitness

Stay in shape with simple steps. Do you suffer from obesity or fear of weight gain? No, for you. The secret of maintaining weight and fighting obesity is in your hands, and it does not need more than your persistence and commitment to some simple rules in dealing with what you have at home and what you shop in your daily life.

The important thing first is to warn these three misconceptions.

Imitate others in their intimacy. It may cause physical harm if not thoughtful and appropriate according to the ability of your body to withstand it. Starve yourself, as refraining from eating will not help you reach what you want, as hunger fights the whole body and makes it tired, which causes the body to demand more food and thus increase obesity.

You are replacing water with other drinks. There are benefits that some drinks and juices contain, but they do not compensate you for the multiple benefits that water provides. If you add some to these basic rules, you will see positive results on your way to fitness.

 The natural diet is what allows you to eat the food that you like, but in small quantities, starting from the morning breakfast, which is the basis for the work of the organs of the body by burning food and converting it into energy that gains you vitality until the end of the day, through the afternoon meal, which must be varied to meet your body’s need of materials Different, provided that we reduce the amount of food intake. Experts confirm that a meal with a fist is sufficient to supply your body with the required calories.

And finally, a light dinner that must precede your sleep by at least two hours. During sleep, the body does not burn any fat.

It occurs to your mind if these thoughts mean you can eat all kinds of food. It is true. All fares are good for you except for ready-to-eat foods saturated with fat, fried, or crackers, usually soaked with fat.

The vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, and meats that we cook in our homes are what you need, especially with olive oil, which is known to have a positive medicinal effect. This combination is rich in fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and maintain blood sugar levels.

Stay in shape with simple steps. Your favorite restaurant is your kitchen, a golden sentence that allows you to achieve your desire for fitness in the best way that supports your health and does not affect it.

And don’t forget the water. No matter how critical other drinks are, they are not enough and play the role of water that reduces hunger and aids in weight loss.

If you add well-studied exercises that help fight obesity, and it is preferable to consult specialists in the field of sports to tell you what movements and activities are most suitable for you, the results will be impressive for you, as you will regain your agility at the same time that you maintain your health and freshness.

Here are five steps to getting fit

,After reaching your ideal weight, wear clothes that are smaller in size

If you have just reached your ideal weight, you should be proud of yourself and your Stay in shape with simple steps efforts towards becoming fit. To reward yourself, go back to dressing in small sizes that you could not have worn before. Or buy from the market what matches your new weight, from elegant clothes that highlight your elegance and the thinness of your waist. This trick will prevent you from overeating because it reminds you of your gracefulness.

After reaching your ideal weight, continue to follow a healthy lifestyle:

After you struggled with following healthy diets, you may have become used to it, and now, after achieving your goal of achieving an ideal weight, you cannot give up. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to follow this healthy eating method if you do not want to regain your previous weight.

 •After reaching your ideal weight, reward yourself with one day a week apart from dieting:

Although you need to follow a balanced diet even after losing weight, this does not prevent you from eating sweets or delicious burgers from time to time so that you do not feel depressed and sad because of the deprivation of eating what you want. You can do this on a day that you set aside for yourself weekly.

After reaching your ideal weight, take time to measure your weight:

When losing weight, nutritionists advise you not to measure your weight regularly until the fat is gradually eliminated not to become frustrated with the initially stable weight on the scale. But after losing weight, it is recommended that you weigh yourself once a week or twice a month to monitor your weight gain or decrease so that you can adjust your diet plan from time to time to your benefit.

After reaching the ideal weight, take care of your complexion and luster:

Stay in shape with simple steps. Most of the time, weight loss leaves visible effects on the skin, such as sagging skin and suffering from the appearance of fatigue. You may choose to have plastic surgery to get rid of it, or you may decide to live with it. Whatever your choice, remember that this sagging is the direct result of your efforts to reach the ideal weight, so do not make it disturb your life and learn how to love yourself in its new form.

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