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Proper nutrition for dogs and their daily health needs

Proper nutrition for dogs and their daily health needs

Many of us love to raise dogs for a large number of reasons. There are the ones who raise them for his love to them and because they are the best friend, and some of us are those who raise them for guarding. Each of us has his purpose, and whatever its purpose must be known about the methods of dealing with dogs and the technique of proper nutrition for dogs and their daily health needs in an appropriate manner to them and their multiple needs.

First, we must realize that the type of food provided to dogs varies according to the type and age of the dog: The food provided to small dogs differs from that supplied to large dogs, and age is also one of the most critical factors that determine the dog’s needs and the type and amount of food needed.

Proper feeding for and adult dogs

First, we must choose the appropriate amount for the dog’s size. Then we give him an amount that benefits him, so the quantity is not more than his needs, causing him diseases and the accumulation of fat, and the amount is not very small, to force his weakness. Among the things that we must take into account besides the size of the dog is his activity because the amount of movement and activity differs from a dog To another for burning food consumed; we must also take care to increase the amount of food provided in the winter or when the dog has a disease because the dog needs a more significant amount of food. It is also recommended to provide two meals for adult dogs per day so that the difference between the meal and the other is from 8 to 10 hours. Some divide it into three meals, each with a specific time, to offer raw eggs to dogs that engage in violent exercise after their sixth month of life. As for the meat and bone meal, it is served daily to the dog to strengthen the jawbones and have his protein needs.

Food that is good for dogs

Newborn puppies and until the completion of the first three months needs special and careful care. The young puppy must be transformed from relying on breast milk to the regular diet gradually and regularly by keeping him away from his mother for short and long periods; and this process is called the weaning process, and it is preferable to start in the third week Or the fourth, and there is no need to feed the puppy any other food during the weaning period, except if the mother is weak and does not give him sufficient milk, and at that time, the formula is resorted to.

Second, types of dog food:

With different types of dogs and their size, we will find many kinds of dog food, which is available in all markets, and all that the breeder has to do is buy food and place it for him on three specific and exact dates, and there are three types of dog food.

Dry Food for Dogs 

It consists of fats, bones, bone powder, and some dry meats in addition to minerals, carbohydrates, and some salts in appropriate quantities, and this type of food is distinguished by that it prevents weight gain and provides the dog with valuable nutrients that it needs so much.

Canned food

It is a food that consists of a mixture of rice, meat, ground bones, vitamins, and salts, but this type of food may be costly.

Home food

And finally, home food or home dog food, the essential characteristic of this food is that it is from the breeder’s industry and increases its bond with the dog and strengthens its relationship significantly, in addition to that it is not expensive like other types of food because it is often leftovers from human eating, which is safe and clean food at the same time.

General notes on proper nutrition for dogs and their daily health needs

The dog should be provided with good, clean water and changed frequently. The breeder must teach the dog to wait for the food to be placed in front of him and then to start eating after that so as not to expose his breeder to danger. Be careful not to give the dog extra meals to avoid a significant increase in body fat. It would help if you considered that the meal is warm, i.e., medium-heat, not to harm the dog and cause harm to him.

Finally, the liver meal is twice a week only so that the level of uric acid does not arise in the dog’s body.

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