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Magic ways to train your dog to obey

Magic ways to train your dog to obey
Magic ways to train your dog to obey Owning a trained dog is not the same as owning an untrained dog , but if your dog knows some basic

Magic ways to train your dog to obey ،

Owning a trained dog is not the same as owning an untrained dog, but if your dog knows some basic commands, it may be beneficial in some situations. Here are some magical ways to train your dog for obedience.

So, where can you start training your dog for obedience? You can take a practice class with dog handlers, but it won’t be necessary. You can do it by yourself. By using the correct method, you can make this fun for you and your dog! This training is among the most accessible five basic and magic commands to train your dog for obedience, so it is a good idea to start with this training.

First, hold the food near the dog’s nose. Move your hand up, allowing his head to follow the movement of your hands so you can lower his bottom. Once he’s in a seated position, say “sit,” give him a treat and share affection. Repeat this sequence several times each day until your dog has mastered this training. Then ask your dog to sit down before giving him food, when going out for a walk, and in other situations where your dog is calm.

Come command:

This can help keep your dog out of trouble and return it to you if you lose your grip on the reins around his head or if you leave the front door open by mistake. Put a leash and collar around your dog. Get down to his level and say “Come” as you gently pull the reins on. When he gets to you, reward him with food he loves or hug to reward him emotionally. Once your dog has mastered this training with the leash, remove it – and do this in a safe, closed area.

  1. Lie command:

This is one of the five most difficult commands for training your dog in obedience. Why? Because what is required is a situation of submission. Find a treat that smells particularly good, and keep it in your closed fist. Raise your hand to the nose of your dog. When he smells it, move your hand across the ground until it follows.

Then move both hands on the ground in front of him to encourage him to move his body following his head. Once he’s in the lying down position, say “lie down,” then give him the treat. Repeat this every day. If your dog tries to sit or lunge toward your hand, say “no” and put your hand away. Do not push him into a lying position, and encourage every step your dog takes toward the correct position. He works hard to find out!

  1. Stay command:
  2. Before trying this, make sure your dog is an expert at the “sit” command. Here are some magical ways to train your dog for obedience. First, ask your dog to “sit down.” then, open your palm in front of him and ask him and say, “Stay.”
  3. Take a few steps back. And reward him with a reward if he stays. Gradually increase the number of steps you take before giving the prize. Always cite the puppy for visiting in place – even if it’s only for a few seconds. This is an exercise in self-control for your dog, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to master it, especially for high-energy dogs. It is a known fact that dogs often want to move around and not just sit and wait.
  4. Leave it the command:

This can help keep your dog safe when curious, such as smelling something curious on the ground, but it can be dangerous! The goal is to teach the puppy that he will get something better if he ignores the other element.

Put a treat in both hands. Show him one closed fist with the treat inside, and say, “Leave it.”Let him lick, smell, scratch, and bark to try to get it – and ignore his behaviors. Once he’s done trying, give him the treat from the other hand. Repeat until the dog moves away from that first fist when you say “let go.”

Then, only give your dog the treat when he moves away from that first fist and looks at you as well. Once your dog constantly turns away from the hand containing the first treat and makes eye contact when you say the command, you are ready to switch. To do this, use two different types of food – one that is perfectly fine and the other that is particularly good-smelling and delicious that is a pup’s favorite.

Say “Leave it,” place the least tempting treat on the ground, and cover it with your hand. Wait for the dog to ignore this reward and look at you. Then remove that bounty from the ground, and give him the best tip.

Once you have it, the less delicious food on the floor … but don’t cover it entirely with your hand. Instead, place your hand slightly above the treat. Over time, gradually move your hand farther and apart until your hand reaches about 6 inches above. Now he is ready to train with you! Follow the same steps, but if he tries to grab onto the delicious food, cover it with your foot.

These were five basic dog training commands that can help keep your dog safe and improve communication with him. It is worth investing your time and effort. Remember, the process takes time, so only start an obedience dog training session if you are in the right mindset and have the energy, assertive patience, and calmness for this training.

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