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Did you know that a horse is a loyal animal?

Did you know that a horse is a loyal animal
Did you know that a horse is a loyal animal? Horses keep you away from turmoil, heal from distress, and have horizons of imagination.

Horses are noble creatures who know no betrayal.

Did you know that a horse is a loyal animal? Horses walk away from the troubled and heal from distress, and they have horizons of imagination and think deeply; sometimes a person feels that they sing when he hears them, they calm down, and they have no troubles and relate to their owner who loves them and longs and adores. The love of horses is sincere and deep, and the horse is passionate and affectionate. Only dear ones can hear their grunts as if they are singing songs that most people cannot understand, but their coach, they see their wandering behind you with their charming slim figure and their eyes full of tenderness and warmth and becomes your shadow.

Horses are like humans that hate, adore, and are angry, and sometimes they become moody. If you love them, your friendliness, your loved ones, and their relationship with a man are strange and profound, the relationship between man and the horse almost becomes deep and emotional.

Did you know that a horse is a loyal animal?

The horse is nobler than a person at times, and he does not know the betrayal of its owner, for God Almighty instilled him in good intentions and nobility, for he is a noble animal in every sense of the word, and it is not surprising that you find people who love horses pay high prices for their horses because they know its worth.

And between a horse and a mare, things differ, and their characteristics differ; The horse is strong and bears precisely like a human being, meaning it always bears responsibility and pressure and bears everything, while the mare is always physically thin and has intense intimacy and needs special care and a deep understanding in its upbringing, which is not easy.

If the horse gets tired, she stops eating, and she is sometimes quarrelsome, and therefore coaches do not tend to train her because her problems are many. And she is like a person also if she gets tired, she gets tense, and pressure rises upon her when she is placed in the stable, and in general, the Persians love freedom and refuse to be bound and narrow.

A world of secrets in the relationship between horses and humans

Attention should be drawn to the need for a spirit of understanding between the horse and the trainer when dressing and training the horse. It would help if you resorted to changing the style with the horse, and in fact, the horse’s problems are a deep sea.

You see, for example, a horse hitting the stable and breaking or jumping for reasons that are often difficult to understand, and therefore it must be understood if it makes unusual movements. And notes that if the horse is exposed to psychological pressure, it will develop an ulcer in the stomach, and also get an ulcer if it is confined to a place, and also become depressed.

The horse should also be considered because if the trainer or its owner does not take care of it, it does not give satisfactory results. Still, if a good carer gives you the best results, even if the horse is battered and harassed, it becomes upset and uncomfortable, and it is also that if it is hit not because of its guilt, it can hit the person who harms it She kicked him and hurt him.

Whereas if a person treats her kindly, it will not cause him any problems. The horse is afraid of its shepherd, so if the horse does not speak except that it understands, then it hears your words and listens to you even if you are at a far distance. And horses are a treatment for humans, and if you have a person who is sick or always obsessed, he can get rid of all of that. If he rides the horse and while riding it, all his thinking becomes about the horse.

Did you know that a horse is a loyal animal?

She is the kindest and noblest creature close to the human being, so you cannot leave her and stay away from her; even on vacation, you feel lost and want to return to see her. Between the horses and us is an exaggerated or excessive love, and we can say that the stage of passion has reached so that we attend all its events. When we travel away from it, our hearts remain attached to it until we return, and it also longs to see its owner.

Horses know their names.

When you call a horse by its name, Krishan or Jaffal, the horse turns to you. The truth is that when the word is repeated during training and from the smallness of the animal, it listens to you and understands that this is its name, and the horse thinks and understands the mood of its owner from smell, hearing, and sound. He sniffs you, so he knows you, and if you constantly feed him and take care of him, he knows you and can distinguish you from others, and you will notice that it is like a little boy that you can capture and attract you when you feed him sweets, but he is alienated from you and hates you when you hit him. Thus, horses love kind treatment.

The horse understands you and knows your mood by smell, hearing, and sound, and smells you and knows you. If you are always accompanying him, you feed and take care of him; he knows you and can distinguish you from others,

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