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Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats

Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats,
Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats, raising cats is not only a kind of luxury, owning a pet at home is an aspiration that many

Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats,

raising cats is not only a luxury; owning a pet at home is an aspiration many seek. Cats are among the most famous animals that can be presented at home, but many people want that, and what prevents them is not knowing how to deal With her and how they grow her.

 How to raise cats

Raising cats includes knowing a lot of information related to the cat’s upbringing, its food, its date of marriage, and how it can be treated if it becomes sick.

the age of the cat

In the beginning, you should know that cats are fast comprehensible animals that can learn quickly and absorb a lot of things.

The cat’s age ranges between 13- 15 years and is considered a middle-aged animal, and a small percentage of them are relatively short-lived animals, but its age canReaches 18-19 years through quality care.

 The right age to raise cats

Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats, when buying or adopting the cat, and if you have the option to choose its age, it is preferable to increase the cat and separate it from its mother after at least fifty days of weaning, so before this time it is not preferable to take the baby cat away from the mother cat.

sleeping place

It is preferable to allocate a place for the cat with sand, and it is preferable to have Habiba sand so that the cat can relieve itself in it, and it is also preferable to have a unique bag to carry it while out.

The cat’s place of residence should not be narrow or silent so that it will not be alienated from it, as it likes to play and go out.

cat food

Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats. The cat can be accustomed to eating more than one type of food, and it is preferable to diversify its food between home food, which will test the extent of its love for each class separately with experience, as well as canned and dry food that is sold in stores within animal foods.

Milk is also among the foods that cats very much prefer. As for my personal experience, I love boiled eggs and bananas, so there is no objection to trying these foods.

Meat can be presented to the cat with the care that it is clean, free of bone, and that it is edible, and it can be served cooked, grilled, or even boiled, taking care not to offer raw meat because it infects it with diseases and makes it more aggressive and fierce.

It is preferable to feed the cat’s liver. Still, the best types of foods that can be given to white meat are chicken, rabbits, and fish, and milk, and its derivatives are crucial for providing cats with calcium, especially if they suffer from indigestion.

Be careful not to force the cats to eat any food while paying attention to what they want to eat.

Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats. The food provided to the cat varies according to its activity, age, and health condition. The doctor can be consulted about the quantities and quality delivered to her, taking care to provide water to her constantly and filling the water bowl whenever it runs out.

Cats need an amino acid in their food known as taurine, which is an acid that helps ensure the color of their eyes, their health, and the health of their heart.

cat hygiene and elimination

Cats are among the animals that generally love hygiene, so you always find them licking themselves and cleaning themselves after each time they relieve themselves.

It is preferable to clean the cat with healthy or regular sand, which is available, especially in the shops.

Cats can be trained to bathe and bathe from the fifth or sixth week of their life until they become accustomed to these matters.

Cats do not only lick themselves for the sake of cleaning, but also until they remove excess hair from their body, and they can also help them in this task, taking into account the removal of excess hair only.

It is forbidden to trim the mustache of cats, as it is beneficial for them; The whiskers help the cat maintain its balance, measure distance and distance from it.

Whiskers help cats in the dark, and cutting them makes them feel upset and tense. For example, mustaches are used by them if they want to enter a particular place, and they are narrow, so they can know if they can pass through them or not with these mustaches.

Bathe the cat

She is bathed once a week with her shampoo or even soap and conditioner because regular shampoo makes her hair fall out.

Bathing cats is at least once a week in the summer, and it can increase to twice, while it is once a month so that they do not become exposed to cold and intestinal infections.

It is essential to trim the cat’s nails, as in many cases, he can get angry and scratch his owner or even scratch the furniture, and if the cat’s claws are long, he can infect the person with diseases and bacteria.

The cat’s nails must be cut by the veterinarian or specialists to prevent us from exposing the cat to harm, or the pruning can be dispensed with by making the cat wear nail covers, which are available in abundance in shops or places that sell animal supplies.

 Diseases that afflict cats and their treatment

Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats. Just like humans, cats can suffer from many diseases such as fever, sneezing, in which the cat is noticed to release a lot of secretions from the nose and eyes.

It is essential to vaccinate cats and immunize them from diseases in the 8th or 9th week of their life. Also, a regular visit to the vet to check on them is essential.

Among the most important vaccinations that cats must be subjected to are: rabies, cirrhotic viruses, pancytopenia, viral tracheobronchitis, and these vaccinations are taken in periods ranging from 4 weeks old to 16 weeks old.

There are other vaccinations, but not main ones, such as the cat’s contagious peritoneum, bordetella, Chlamydoflide, and leukemia in the case of old cats.

the digestive system

Comprehensive advice for lovers of cat breeding. The digestive system of cats is fragile and sensitive, and they can suffer from many digestive diseases. Therefore, when you notice any symptoms on the cat, such as vomiting or even diarrhea, you should rush to the doctor, as cats can catch a cold just like humans.

There are serious diseases that cats also suffer from, such as Infectious enteritis, a disease caused by a very, very dangerous virus that can lead to death in a cat. It is widespread and quickly infects it if not taken care of well.

 Mating and pregnancy

• The cat’s pregnancy period is 63 days, and the cat is one of the animals that give birth to more than one child at a time, and the number of cats born at one time is between 3: 8 kittens, but often not all of the cats born, some of which only survive.

•At birth, the cat prefers to give birth away from the eyes in a dark and safe place, and this desire must be respected. A site similar to this must be provided when the date of its birth approaches, such as a box or a small carton, and it is essential that it be clean, warm, and accommodate it and the young.

• After birth, the cat can clean the young on its own, and as we mentioned, it is preferable not to separate the young from it before the lapse of 50 days.

 way to petting cats

Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats. She can be played in more than one way, being careful not to harass or pressure her by playing with her against her will, and among these methods:

• Cats like to put their hand on their head or their forehead and wipe them, and this movement is one of their favorite movements.

• Back massage while avoiding massaging the abdomen because it is an area that cats feel uncomfortable when touched or pressed.

• Massaging the neck or cheek while wiping over them is popular with many cats.

• Cats can get used to being the only ones at home, love to play and can entertain themselves, and also love to play with young children at home.

•Cats prefer to play with wool and balls, as well as anything that could create images on the walls, such as a laser.

 How to raise kittens

If the age of the cat is early, then, in this case, it needs more care and attention than the old cat, for example, a cat at the age of two months needs a lot of warmth and heat, so we find cats at this age prefer to stick to its mother to get heat.

If you have a kitten, you must compensate for this heat by heating her sleeping place, and it can also be covered.

Also, the cat at a young age needs food every two hours, and children can resort to pepperoni and put milk in it and breastfeed it like young children, and a veterinarian can also be consulted in this matter.

When the cat reaches the age of 8 weeks, it can be treated as the treatment of big cats in the care, food, and other matters.

Cats are fed from the age of 45 days, then they can eat regular home food, and until the cat reaches a period between two months to four months, it needs more food because it grows at this age. Read more

 The most important exercises that cats must undergo

For the cat to be able to deal with you, you must train him to step by step to recognize some things:

 Train the cat to know his name

The most critical time when a cat can be trained to perceive his name is when he eats his food, as, during this period, the cat will be vigilant, and he will directly listen to all the sounds around him.

Also, food can be an excellent way to train by being an incentive for him. Whenever he does a good job, he is given more food, and he wants to do more.

Training time It is preferable to have tools that emit a sound to attract the cat’s attention, such as a whistle or any instrument that rings when pressed, because these are sounds that the cat notices very quickly.

 The primary method of training

There is a usual method for training the cat, and it occurs by using the bell before serving food; here, the cat realizes that this is the time to prepare something, and if you give it food without making a sound, it will not be considered a reward for its training, but a gift from you.

 Train the cat to fulfill your call

This training requires starting before the meal, whether before opening the box or even pouring its contents, and the trainer rings the bell once; frequent repetition will help the cat to understand that these sounds are calling from its owner. With time he will respond to the call from the first time.

At first, the cat can be called from a short distance, and when it arrives, it will be rewarded with food, then it will get used to it and respond, and it is far away from the call even if he is from a distance.

 Training the cat to make the bathroom in the toilet

This training is the most difficult, and the cat’s commitment to it takes time and patience. With a bit of training, the cat can use the toilet as a person.

In the beginning, the cat must have a receptacle dedicated to him for his litter, and it must be recognized. The bowl should be replaced gradually after the cat becomes accustomed to it.

For example, the bowl is placed in the bathroom and then brought closer to the toilet. The bowl is placed over the toilet, and the cat climbs up to relieve himself; and after this situation becomes accustomed, the bowl is removed from the base of the toilet, and the cat is left to relieve himself without a bowl.

 Training the cat on the position of demand or Esperance

Comprehensive advice for lovers of raising cats. This method is straightforward, so a piece of his favorite food is taken and raised, and the cat is forced to stand on its hind feet and lift. Body and his front feet up, after this the sound of the bell must be sounded so that it understands that it is training.

With familiarity, the cat can stand in this position to order anything without this piece of food.

 Various tips on raising cats

It is preferable not to take cats out of the house in the winter so that they do not catch a cold, and so that they do not get dirty, and to protect them from stray street cats as well, so that they are not hurt.

• If the cat catches a mouse, it must be prevented from eating it, and it is preferable to throw it outside the house after this.

•Pay attention to providing good heating for cats in the winter season.

• Refrain from introducing unintentional meat to cats because it infects them with toxoplasmosis

• Take care of cat hair and make sure that it is free from insects periodically.

• Take care to provide vaccination and routine vaccinations for the cat to protect it from diseases.

In the end, it cannot be denied that cats have many benefits in raising them, including eliminating loneliness during playing with them and petting them. Several studies have proven that growing cats improves mood well.

Cats are also used in breeding to catch mice, and many other benefits can be found by reading the articles titled the benefits of raising cats or raising a cat at home.

Cats cannot talk and tell you that they are hungry, thirsty, or sad, so raising them requires a lot of attention and responsibility.

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