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7 of the strangest animals on the planet

7 of the strangest animals on the planet. The animal world is big. It is more significant than we can imagine, and there are many different types on our planet; and when thinking about animals, dogs, cats, hawks, deer, and other common animals come to our minds, but there are strange-shaped animals on the planet, and no one knows anything about them. The animals that we know today are a minimal number for the more than a million and a quarter of a million animals that live on planet Earth today. Here are some of the strangest animals on the planet

Sneezing monkey

The sneezing monkey is distinguished by its upside-down nose. It can collect rainwater on humid days, as this monkey lives unfamiliar in shape and has a colorful body, and lives in northern Myanmar. Its sneezing can be heard when it rains, i.e., when the water touches its nose, and it is worth noting that this monkey does not spend All his time sneezing during the rain; Because he has a trick to put his head between his knees when it rains.

nosed moles

7 of the strangest animals on the planet Star-nosed moles (Condilora Cristata) are small animals whose weight does not exceed 50 grams, which is twice the weight of a mouse, and they live in shallow tunnels in the wetlands of most of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada and hunt their prey underground and underwater as well. The other approximately thirty members of the mole family (Talpidae, the star-nosed mole) form part of the mammalian order.

Harp sponge is carnivorous

7 of the strangest animals on the planet This peculiar creature had never been seen by anyone before the year 2000 when a team from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California took a submarine at a depth of 2 miles off the coast that is being operated remotely, and they captured two samples of this animal, which is scientifically called Chondrocladia Lyra.
Dubbed the lyre sponge because its structure resembles a harp, they took more than ten videos and reported their analyses in October 2012 in the Journal of Invertebrate Biology. This sponge feeds by clinging to muddy sediments on the ocean floor and captures crustaceans through barbed hooks as it wraps what it has picked up in a thin film and begins slowly digesting its prey.

The porpoise is a strange being

Porpoise is an aquatic organism that can be found in oceans worldwide except for the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean near Central and South America.
And this organism lives at a depth of 1000 meters at the bottom of the oceans, and this organism belongs to a family of marine animals called “Scotoplanes.”
Porpoise has another name which is dugongs, and this is because of the antennae that are found in its head, as it is very similar to the horns of sheep and cows, and therefore it is also called dugongs.
And this picture is above a porpoise while it is upside down, where the pig uses these hooves or tiny legs to stick to the bottom floor in the ocean and begins to move.

Kiwi bird

Kiwi Scientific name: Apteryx is a genus of birds that follows the Kiwi family of the order Kiwi.
The kiwi is the first bird threatened with extinction. It is a small bird that does not fly and has relatively long and strong legs at the same time that helps it run fast. It lives in New Zealand; its size is close to the size of a hen. The soft feathers cover the kiwi’s body in a drop-down manner, and it is the most miniature living ostrich in size and lays an egg. Very large for its size, it is the relatively largest among all birds in the world, as the male is the one who lies on eggs for 80 days. There are five species of kiwi birds, all of which are at risk of extinction. As a result of deforestation, there are vast areas of their habitats well protected in the form of national reserves and parks, and the most significant threat These birds live today as mammals predators.

A rat with a pig nose and vampire’s teeth

The Indonesian Solausi Island rodent is one of the newly discovered species. It is a strange and unusual type because it has a pig-like nose and large, upturned teeth that resemble the teeth of a vampire. They are a strange rodent whose type has not been previously identified and was named (Hyorhinomys stumped).


7 of the strangest animals on the planet Okapi is a peculiar animal with reddish-brown body color, gray face, and black-and-white striped legs. These markings are believed to help youngsters track their mothers in the dense rainforests, and they also serve as camouflage. It has a long blue tongue similar to a giraffe to align its ears and two horns above its head. The essential characteristic of the Akab is that its two hind legs resemble those of a zebra, which caused an imbalance in scholars’ belief of its type or that it has an independent lineage. Okapi animals are famous for their shyness, so they are challenging to see in the forests.

The shape of the body is similar to that of a giraffe, but the okapi animals have much shorter necks, and despite the close connection between the capes and the giraffe, it differs from it in size and color, so its height even the shoulders does not exceed one and a half meters, and its stature and neck are shorter than the legs of the giraffe and its neck both types have a tongue Very tall (about 30 cm) flexible and blue. You use it to pull buds and leaves from trees.

It is found in the rain forests of Central Africa, especially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Today it is believed that there are about 15,000 Akkabs, most of them in the Congo. This animal faces a threat in its habitat due to human migration, mining activities, and the search for natural resources in its area of ​​presence.

The animal is active in the morning and feeds on herbs, leaves, and buds of trees, in addition to fern plants, fruits, and fungi.

He often lives alone. A female Okapo becomes pregnant for 420 to 450 days before giving birth. Baby Alakap drinks milk for six months. He becomes mature at the age of four or five.. Okapi can be 30 years or more.

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