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5 reasons why kids need to spend time in nature and outdoors

5 reasons why kids need to spend time in nature and outdoors
5 reasons why kids need to spend time in nature and outdoors

5 reasons why kids need to spend time in nature and outdoors,
Have you noticed why most kids like to play outside, or are they excited about the prospect of camping, visiting a nature site, or exploring the woods? This is because we are all naturally drawn to nature. Spending time in large open spaces with fresh air does a lot for the mind, body, and soul.
I remember we used to beg my mom when we were little to let us play in the back garden full of lemon trees and flower bushes that my grandmother used to take care of; only twenty years have passed since then, and children are begging their mothers to spend an extra hour in front of the TV, or play more From video games or playing for a longer time with their intelligent devices … the massive change imposed by technology on the behaviors of modern-day children has made them highly vulnerable to what has become known as “nature deficiency disorder.”Here are some significant reasons why children need to spend time in nature and outdoors:

It offers a different kind of stimulation.

5 reasons why kids need to spend time in nature and outdoors

Being in nature is a multisensory experience. It stimulates all senses – you can see, hear, and touch an environment that can enrich the human experience like no other. Children can learn things from their natural surroundings that they cannot learn at home or in their classrooms.

Sparks creativity and imagination

Spending time in the wilderness allows for disorganized gameplay – little kids are free to interact with their surroundings as much as they want, compared to playing a video game. Playing in nature enhances their creativity, imagination, and independence because they can design their activities, think more freely, and engage with play and learning in creative ways.

Boosts confidence levels

Unlike indoor play, outdoor play allows your child to choose their actions because there are countless ways to interact with the environment. He can try to learn many things on his own, and every accomplishment builds his self-confidence, whether it’s as simple as finding an item from a treasure hunt menu or learning to climb a tree.

Good for health

When you spend time in nature regularly, the mind and body benefit, the calm and calm atmosphere of nature effectively reduces stress and fatigue. Attention Restoration Theory, humans practice subtle magic, a kind of effortless attention that creates feelings of pleasure. On the physical side, being in the fresh air gets you moving – a good break from our usual sedimentary lifestyle.

Learn responsibility

Children are curious creatures and wonder about everything, including how the plants and trees grow. When a child is familiar with natural environments, he is likely to know the importance of caring for living things like animals and plants.

 The importance of nature to increase concentration levels in children.

5 reasons why kids need to spend time in nature and outdoors. A study conducted in China in 2013 supports the importance of nature in children’s lives. This time, however, the study focused on the relationship between green spaces surrounding schools and mental health ADHD. Specifically, the data for this study came from a measurement of green areas around schools and two reports submitted by parents at different times dealing with possible symptoms of ADHD in their children. This data was collected over ten months, and results were shown in seven other cities.

The study covered nearly 60,000 children between the ages of two and 17 from 94 schools across the country. The results of this study have shown that students who have less green space around their schools suffer more from ADHD. On the other hand, an increase in green areas around schools was significantly associated with decreasing ADHD symptoms among schoolchildren.

So plan an outdoor family trip with the kids, bring your bags, and remember these reasons.

So if you are planning for an outdoor family trip with children.

Remember these reasons you need children to spend time in nature and outdoor air.

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