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10 toxic dog foods you should avoid

10 toxic dog foods you should avoid

10 toxic dog foods you should avoid

Have you ever hesitated before giving your dog a bone, cracker or a piece of onion? Perhaps you are right to ask yourself if it helps him! Here are 13 poisonous dog foods and how to take care of your pet in case of poisoning.
All dog owners tend to give their companion, who stares at them with his irresistible beggary appearance, a bit of their dinner. But be very careful because it is essential to know what you can and cannot feed your dog. Some are toxic in small doses, while other foods are dangerous for your dog in the long run.

1 – Bones

Cooked bones are dangerous for dogs. Bones become brittle once they are cooked, which forms stilts when they break. The stilts have sharp edges and can get stuck in the teeth, causing choking or perforation of the stomach and intestinal walls. Never give chicken or rabbit bones. Preferably give it beef cartilage.

2 – Chocolate
Chocolate is dangerous for animals because it contains theobromine, a component that acts as a heart stimulant and diuretic. A large piece of chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and especially hyperactivity first. Theobromine will either increase the heart rate or cause irregular beats.
Death is even possible, especially if the dog is exercising. Large amounts of chocolate can poison or even kill a medium,

3 – Alcohol
Drinking a small dose of alcohol can disorient the dog, make him nervous and even aggressive in some cases. A high amount can inhibit the central nervous system, breathing, and heart rate, leading to death.

4 – Onions
Onions are toxic to dogs because they contain allyl and propyl disulfide, damaging red blood cells while their production rate remains normal.
Poisoning can occur either by ingestion of large amounts of onions by the dog or by repeated ingestion of smaller pieces. The dog may have a short breath because the number of red blood cells (which carry oxygen) is reduced. Thus, onions are indeed toxic to dogs and can generate their death.

5 – Garlic
Garlic is dangerous to dogs because it contains a toxic substance, thiosulfate. It would appear that it is still less harmful than onions and that large quantities should be absorbed to cause poisoning in dogs.

6 – Salted meats and ham
High in fat and preservatives, salted meats and hams are very dangerous for dogs. They produce stomach pain and pancreatitis. The high amount of salt in these meats can cause unusual water consumption and cause gases that can kill the animal.

7 – Tuna
Canned tuna is too high in salt and can cause kidney and heart problems. This also applies to cats! It is not a toxic food for the dog if eaten uniquely but should not be part of its daily diet.
However, there are canned tuna for animals that are adapted to the needs of our four-legged companions.

8 – Grapes and raisins
Grapes – and even more grapes – are toxic foods for dogs. They cause intestinal problems in our four-legged companions and can even lead to kidney failure in severe cases.

9 – Egg white
Egg white contains avidin, which destroys biotin, vitamin B8, beneficial for the metabolism of proteins and fats. It is not a toxic food for the dog if it is consumed in small doses once or twice, but regular consumption of raw eggs can result in b8 deficiency. To avoid, then!

10 – The mushroom
10 toxic dog foods you should avoid

As in humans, poisoning with fungi can be fatal. They can cause serious liver problems and neurological disorders. Consult your vet immediately if you suspect your dog has eaten mushrooms!
My dog ingested toxic food; what do I do?
If your dog has swallowed a dangerous food, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible, with the amount ingested and the product’s composition. If need be, he will ask you to come with your pet to make him vomit.
It is important to react as quickly as possible, at most within two hours of ingestion. If in doubt, you can contact the animal poison control centre located in Nantes, CAPA West, which will tell you whether or not the food ingested by your animal and its quantity could poison it.
Treat your dog safely to his health.
There are many foods forbidden to dogs, which we may still want to give them: thanks to our list, you know what not to give to your canine companion! If you’re going to treat him with a treat, choose a product suitable for your dog, designed for him by a significant specialized brand: it helps to spoil him while making sure it’s good for him! And by taking advantage of the wide selection offered on the Internet, you can find many quality treats at a low price.

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